About us


Estonian Private Pilots Association was founded on 8th of January 2003 by 34 private and hobby pilots with intention to converge flying lovers in Estonia, to compare notes and to be generous with information about flying.

EPPA targets

  • to offer information about flying clubs and opportunities of flying, including airplane renting, buying and servicing;
  • to help and advise pilots of getting and spreading information of safety rules;
  • to organize events and competitions for Estonian and also for foreigner pilots;
  • to develop relations between private pilot’s organizations over the world;
  • to publish reference books and other printed materials of private flying;
  • to organize seminars and promote aviation eduation;
  • to stand for interests of union members in relationships with national bodies and law.

About union activities

Members of the union are private and hobby pilots, glider pilots, professional pilots, flying instructors and many others, who are involved in flying, often from different walks of life. Belonging to the union is voluntary, members and management do not get compensation for this business. Our work is done with enthusiasm.

What is the motive of creating private pilots union?

After Estonian independence’s rebirth began fast flying activity, which today is developed far above the mark of simple club-flying. There are lots of private pilots and air in Estonia is becoming more and more thicker.

Love towards flying is what unites us!