Learn to Fly

There are many options in Estonia to learn to fly airplanes, helicopters and gliders

Private pilot licenses are divided by the ratings as follows:

PPL (Private Pilot Licence) – international license, up to 5750kg maximum takeoff weight

LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot Licence) – European license, up to 2000kg maximum takeoff weight

SPL (Sailplane Pilot Licence) / TMG (touring motorglider licence) – glider and motorized glider ja license (European wide)

ULPL (Ultralight Pilot Licence) – National license – Class A – motodeltas. Class B – ultralight airplanes up to 495 kg maximum takeoff weight.

For more information about pilot licenses read from Estonian Transportation Administration website: https://www.transpordiamet.ee/en/node/455

Links to Estonian Flight Schools and Flightclubs see here.